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When we set up our current operations in 2007, we started by developing a list of core-values that we all have stood by ever since

It was and still is a distinct desire to deliver complex, 540° scalable project management solutions in our core-competency security field.  With that in mind, we continue to deliver our expertise to our customers with the following core-values at the forefront of every engagement…






We are a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) for federal set-aside concerns,. With the help of our mission partners and advisors, we were able to achieve BIG company results, such as;

Why Choosing

DCA is a Smart Move


Full Cycle Project Management

Our strong conviction is that if we listen to our customer needs, identify potential solutions, bring expertise to the table, and commit to successful results without excuses, then program management from RFP submittal through project close-out will deliver successful results…


Low-risk Strategy

Besides our exceptional CPARS past performance and our 97 out 100 rating of customer satisfaction by Dun & Bradstreet Government Solutions, we have been audited by many federal and state agencies without a compliance or labor law being violated. When it comes to mitigating risk, our team is built to see the whole picture..


Fast & Efficient

Winning your business is not enough for us. We want to earn your trust and loyalty. Our methodology is to not only win, but to mitigate project defects through detailed Quality Assurance and Control. “The devil is in the details and the devil does not scare us.” Our goal; to make sure you are not stuck in the middle of the road with no spare tires in the back…

Workforce Uptime

Prime Contractor Experience

Number of our returning


the Team

JP Snyder

JP is the Founder, CEO, and sole-owner of Defense Contracting Activity. A Service-Disabled U.S. Navy veteran, JP brings more than 25 years of High-Threat Security, Intelligence, and Special Operations contracting expertise

In JP’s free time, he is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) credentialed and uniformed U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary member and “Government Facilities Sector-Chief” for the FBI’s InfraGard-National Capital Region. As a perpetual student of global learning, he was recognized Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity as a “Society of Scholars” member through his educational achievement of “Summa Cum Laude” status with a specialized focused in International Law.

Mark L., Esq.

Mark has a long history side-by-side with the CEO serving as General Counsel.  Since 2004, Mark has advised the CEO on all aspects of legalities, contract issues, and general business practices.  

Considered pragmatic with a real-world approach to solving challenges equitably, Mark is remarkable at his ability to know when to fight, and when to be reasonable with a holistic “not bill by the hour” approach to resolving complex issues with adversarial parties.  

Most remarkable about Mark is his true passion for masonry work.  He is fascinated with construction and building and spends his off time getting his hands dirty.  Mark is also a person of great intellect and speaks seven languages fluently. 

Steve B.

Steve serves as our Chief Financial Officer.  Offering more than three decades of financial management expertise in government contractor accounting, cost accounting, merger & acquisitions, and pricing, Steve spearheads the full financial portfolio of DCA’s operations. 

Steve is best known for being an international traveler and has placed footsteps in some of the most unique places imaginable. 

Rachel G.

Rachel serves as the National Director of Law Enforcement and Security Branch.  Bringing a highly-decorated law enforcement career spanning over two decades within one of  the Top 5 metropolitan police agencies, Rachel brings Tier-1 security and law enforcement management skills to Team DCA.  

Rachel is a graduate of the FBI’s LEEDA Academy and was in charge of daily operation for over 100 police officer ‘s and the agency’s K-9 unit.

Erik W.

Erik serves as our Chief Technology Officer.  Erik brings more than two decades of IT contracting and Project Management expertise to the table. 

Erik has led successful IT programs for the development of sophisticated lifecycle systems for the Department of Defense, General Dynamics, AECOM, and Booz Allen Hamilton. 

He loves a little downtime riding his Harley and being with his family. 

Ric W.

Ric serves as our Regional Director of Operations & Emergency Management for several Southern US states.  Based out of Houston, Texas, Ric has been with DCA since 2012 and frequently advises the CEO on issues of management and strategic growth. 

Ric also serves as the COR for one of our federal projects on the highly volatile US/Mexico border and is retired Special Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AF-OSI).

Jim G.

Jim serves as our National Director of Training. Serving communities as a sworn law enforcement officer and SWAT officer for over two decades,, he is a Master Trainer for the State of Oklahoma on Law Enforcement Commission. 

Jim is most importantly a dynamic human-being with a great trainer attitude. He loves people and always seek to make each person he comes in contact with better than when they arrived.  Better Officer’s and Better Human’s is his mission.

Stephanie. G

Stephanie has been providing capture management and proposal services to DCA since 2011.  

Stephanie currently serves as our National Capture Manager for new business opportunities.  She is highly detailed oriented and knows how to crack the whip to keep our experts on proposal schedule. 

Are you considered an expert with in your field, entrepreneurial and manageable, BA/BS, MBA with a minimum of 5+ years

of practical experience and strong urge to overachieve?


the most popular questions

A: Founded by a driven entrepreneur with a street gut approach to doing business, if you have the skills, attitude, honesty, work ethic, and sincere desire to help every one of your teammates succeed, then literally the “sky is the limit” with DCA.  We do not hoard success to a small nucleus of insiders. We relish in the growth of our teammates that stay with us and make us better.

A: Of course. Though our company is registered and based in the US (Florida), we can work with any other jurisdiction or country. IN fact, we have performed work on five (5) continents and under all sorts of conditions. Footnote: though the main company still needs to be a US registered one due to the nature of our US Government work…

A: We are pretty typical of benefits for a small business (NAICS under $20.5 million in annual revenue).  The growth of our company relies on a quality workforce.  We recognize to acquire and retain a quality workforce we must consistently strive to enhance our benefits as our cash flow permits. New, improved, and expanded benefits are being evaluated all the time for our teammates benefit.

A:  We used to have much more of a presence on the internet, but we found our specialized customers frowned upon it for security concerns.  Frankly speaking, we also take our employees and management security seriously.  The internet allows for not only good stewardship, but in the national security business, it also allows our adversaries to source a lot of information unnecessarily.  We made a management decision in 2017 to remove ourselves from predominant sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

We still do have a Twitter account to communicate with the outside world, which is easier to control from a security perspective.

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