We are actively recruiting to look for a cultural fit that brings in the best, most passionate, and patriotic talent – equally dedicated to our mission of supporting U.S. National Security.

We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and challenging work environment and seek professionals who are passionate about their work and our mission. Our employees receive the highest level of training, exceeding industry standards in safety, diversity, ethics and compliance, technology, security, intelligence and mission support solutions. We implement rigorous quality controls and provide ongoing professional training of personnel.

Looking for a career that supports our mission? Explore our global career opportunities below within varying trades and industries at our locations around the world.

What we offer?

Competitive wage rates based on geographic location data across the United States. DCA is a Service Contract Act compliant employer for our hourly workforce based on the latest standards published form the U.S. Department of Labor – guidelines for federal contractors.

Benefits: Health & Welfare, Vacation, Sick Leave, and a company 401K

If interested, review our openings by going to our company page at