April 14, 2022 – DCA’s K9 Explosives Detection Team passes K9 testing from the Kansas Highway Patrol K9 certification unit.

April 4, 2022 – DCA donates $5,000 to the Border Patrol Foundation in support of the families of DHS Customs and Border Patrol Officer(s) who have fallen in the line of duty.

March 5, 2022 – DCA donated $43,500 to the “Brothers In Arms Foundation” (BIAF) in support of KIA and WIA Marine Scouts & Raiders and unit assigned Navy Corpsman

January 12, 2022 – DCA awarded second 5-year term multimillion dollar armed protective services contract by the USDA.

November 5, 2021 – DCA donates $5,000 to the Liberty Education Foundation which supports enriching educational experiences in Liberty Public Schools by mobilizing community resources and financial support.

October 15, 2021 – DCA donates $1,000 to “Byte Back” in support of helping people achieve technical skills that provide a living wage.

August 3, 2021 – DCA donates $10,000 to a Gold Star family through “Raider Air” to assist the children of fallen Warriors to obtain careers in aviation.