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Depth of Experience

Our strong conviction and confidence in our ability to deliver comprehensive and successful solutions is based on our depth of experience in many facets of government contracting.  It is arrogant to say we are better than anyone else.  We will say that We Are As Good As They Come…


Low-risk Strategy

Besides our exceptional CPARS past performance and our 97 out 100 rating of customer satisfaction by Dun & Bradstreet Government Solutions, we have been audited by many federal and state agencies without a compliance or labor law being violated.  When it comes to mitigating risk, our team is built to see the whole picture..


Quality Control

Winning your business is not enough for us.  We want to earn your trust and loyalty. Our methodology is to not only win, but to mitigate project defects through detailed Quality Assurance and Control.  “The devil is in the details and the devil does not scare us.” Our goal; to make sure you are not stuck in the middle of the road with no spare tires in the back…

Project Execution

Services We Offer

Security , Law Enforcement & K9 Operations

With Over 100+ million square feet of government critical infrastructure under our protection and DHS Facility Security Level -5  experience, we are fully capable of providing a comprehensive security or law enforcement solution to your project in both domestic and austere foreign environments…


Base Operations, Construction & Maintenance

Whether in the Nevada desert or an active war zone, facility operations must be managed properly for the mission to be successful.  Applying over a decade of experience managing logistics and base operations, our team will manage the details, while you focus on the Mission…

IT & Communications

We can deliver effective Program Execution and proven planning, analysis, logistics, modification management, and engineering.  Our systems integration team will define, develop, and deliver an innovative strategy that will be the cornerstone of measurable progress towards current and future technology challenges…

National Security Consulting

From International Affairs and Peacekeeping to Weapons of Mass Destruction consulting, our team is at your beckon call.  Our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are some of the finest experienced-based minds on the globe in dealing with WMD, IED mitigation, and Pandemic response…

Emergency Operations

New threats continue to emerge throughout the globe, sometimes without any foresight.  Team DCA has decades of relevant experience responding to and managing the recovery operations of disasters on an international scale…

Training & Education

We provide over 50 COTS courses through our Mobile Training Unit (MTU’s) related to security, law enforcement, special operations, and emergency services training. Our team offers the latest training based off lessons learned in the field deployments…


Our Capability Statement

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    Full Cycle Program Management

    Our strong conviction is that if we listen to our customer needs, identify potential solutions, bring expertise to the table, and commit to successful results without excuses, then program management from RFP submittal through project close-out will deliver successful results.

    Low-risk Strategy

    We clearly understand, that you want not to lose, but to earn more money over your period of work with us. That’s why we reject all high-risk endeavors, that may lead to a fast stack of cash for the first time but to a principal capital’s loss the second time.. We base our advice only on low-risk operations and estimates.

    Fast & Efficient

    Due diligence is one thing. But we’re trying to deliver the most fast paced business assessments diligence in the industry. While working with us, your business will never get stuck in the middle of the road with no spare tires in the back…

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